Official BMHC Statement On The Grave Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza

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The escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza is of grave concern and distress and the British Muslim Heritage Centre fully supports the call for an immediate ceasefire. As a global community, it is our duty and collective responsibility to urgently address this dire situation. The loss of ANY innocent civilian life is tragic and must not be allowed to continue.

• We further call on the global international community to act promptly ensuring essential lifesaving humanitarian aid enters Gaza. We are currently witnessing the unlawful displacement of 1.2 million Palestinians, the reported use of white phosphorus munition, and cutting of water, medical aid and the necessities of life.
• We condemn in the strongest terms the killing of ANY innocent life and the destruction of homes, hospitals and places of worship. There must be protection of civilians caught in the crossfire.
• We affirm the fundamental right of peoples and communities to show peaceful solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, and the West Bank.
• We appreciate the efforts of the Police to ensure they remain politically neutral and independent from pressures to curtail such fundamental rights.
• We call on ALL politicians to support a ceasefire and end the siege on Gaza.
• We ask the people of Manchester and beyond to maintain respect for all communities, and not allow tensions to affect our harmonious communities.

• We believe that a lasting peace can only be achieved by addressing the root causes of the conflict and striving for an equitable resolution that respects the rights and aspirations of all parties involved.

The British Muslim Heritage Centre urges our Muslim community to remain hopeful, steadfast and patient in the face of injustice and we also urge you to make Dua (prayers) for the oppressed.

The British Muslim Heritage Centre
2nd November 2023

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