The House of Wisdom

The much awaited House of Wisdom exhibition was launched on Friday 22nd June 2018. The exhibition highlights and showcases the amazing contribution of Muslim civilisation. Visitors can learn about some of the remarkable achievements made by Muslim scholars, inventors and scientists in areas such as astronomy, medicine, architecture, mathematics, engineering, science, technology and much more.

Over a thousand years ago in ancient desert cities, Muslim scientists discovered the principles of flight, defined the theory of vision, developed algebra, and pioneered techniques in medicine and chemistry that still benefit billions of people around the world until today in so many amazing ways.

Many rare artefacts have been sourced for the exhibition, including rare coins from the Umayyad & Abbasid Caliphate, pen holders from the Qajar era and more.

The House of Wisdom exhibition is about bringing hidden knowledge and authentic history to the forefront of British and European society.

The exhibition is open to the public 5 days a week from 10:30am – 4:30pm.