Tackling Hate Crime

The British Muslim Heritage Centre is working in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council to better support the Muslim communities in tackling hate crimes.

In a collaboration between local authorities, emergency services, community and voluntary groups, we have come together to design training that will increase awareness around hate crimes and their devastating impacts. Perhaps most importantly, it will improve the capability of victims and those supporting victims, to effectively report and access support in the aftermath of hate crime victimisation. 

We believe this approach will not only help to reduce hate crimes and their devastating impacts, but it will also build ties and trust between vulnerable communities, individual victims and support agencies and will help to make a real difference and contribute towards making Greater Manchester an even better place to live and work.

We have produced a Tackling Hate Crime Training Pack, which is used to train Imams and community leaders on how to effectively support members of the Muslim community in reporting hate crimes.


Tackling Hate Crime Training Manual



Tackling Hate Crime Training Evaluation Report



Report Tackling Hate Crime