The British Muslim Heritage Centre is committed to investing in future generations and contributing to young people’s empowerment and development through our Aspiring Leaders and Future Leaders Programmes.”

Leadership Programmes

Aspiring Leaders

The Aspiring Leaders Programme comprises a cohort of 30 participants aged between 14 to 18 years who go through six modules (every two months), providing the young people with skills and experience to tackle current and future challenges young people and the wider Muslim community face. Our experience and various research show that the Muslim community’s challenges include isolation, lack of identity of young Muslims, facing hostility due to Islamophobia, facing high unemployment, drugs, and gang culture. BMHC has a vital role in supporting the next generation to improve their skills to meet these challenges by working in partnership with young people, the wider community, and partners.

The modules are interactive and practical, providing an opportunity for young people to learn and develop through “making things happen” rather than just discussions and debates. Examples of making things happen could include taking the lead in organising seminars, masterclasses and conferences, developing their written and communication skills to produce position papers to influence decision-makers on issues affecting young people and the Muslim community to decision-makers.

Issues that have been identified include tackling Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslim and other communities.

Each module consists of two days, delivered every two months: therefore, the programme lasts 12 months. The programme finishes with a graduation ceremony targeting around 200 people (friends and relatives of the participants etc.). In the final module, the participants organise a sharing and learning conference for wider public members.