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Support our British Muslim Heritage Centre’s Dawah program as we strive to reach our fundraising target of £15,000. Every donation, no matter the amount, contributes to sustaining our impactful initiatives. From weekly Jummah Khutbahs to informative publications, monthly family lectures, inclusive community open days, and educational visits, your support helps us foster understanding and promote dialogue. Join us in building bridges and creating a more inclusive society. Donate today to help us reach our goal and continue our valuable work.

We aim to achieve continuation of our dawah activities:

  • Khutbahs: The British Muslim Heritage Centre is proud to present a weekly Jummah Khutbah in the English language. Our Friday sermon always covers interesting and relevant topics in a language that resonates with you.
  • Publications: Whether you are of any faith, non-faith, or are simply intrigued by Islam, we offer publications such as “What is Islam” and “Pearls of Wisdom.” We also provide copies of the Quran with translations for better understanding.
  • Monthly Family Lecture: Each month, we organise a free inspirational Islamic talk for the community, addressing relevant topics.
  • Community Open Day: On the last Sunday of every month, we host a community open day featuring tours, workshops, food, arts and crafts, presentations, and discussions aimed at fostering good relations and learning. All are welcome, regardless of faith.
  • Visits & Outreach: We regularly welcome visits from schools and organisations, including Manchester City Council, Olympic Team GB, the British Army, and the University of Manchester, among others. Our guided tours and exhibitions showcase Islamic beliefs and practices while dispelling common myths about Islam. Visitors have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. Additionally, we conduct lectures, classes, diversity training, and provide training sessions for both governmental and non-governmental organisations.


The reward is continuous; and the blessing is everlasting, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: “Whoever calls to guidance will have a reward similar to those who follow him, without detracting from their rewards at all.” [Narrated by Muslim 2674]

Dawah outreach programs offer numerous benefits: They educate about Islam, foster community engagement, build bridges between different groups, counter stereotypes, promote personal and spiritual growth, address social issues, empower individuals, and build trust within communities.




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