Review: Uyghur – A Modern Genocide

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On Friday, the 10th December 2021, the British Muslim Heritage Centre hosted an important event entitled, “Uyghur – A Modern Genocide.”

The event highlighted the terrifying human rights abuses occurring daily in the Xianjiang province, China. More than one million people (mainly members of the Uyghur community) have been detained in what are essentially “concentration camps” so that their identity and individualitycan be removed from them.

The Uyghur community is being systematically abused, raped, sexually assaulted, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered. Religious persecution is paramount, with reports stating that 30% of Mosques have been demolished.

Unless your allegiance is solely to the ruling political party – you are at risk of abuse.

The US and the UK have accepted that genocide is bring committed, yet the voices seem to be quiet, and few people are talking and highlighting the human rights crimes that are being committed. 

Afzal Khan MP highlighted the political voices that are being raised but demanded that more should be done. We said, “never again” after World War 2, yet these crimes are flagrantly being committed once again. It was heart wrenching to hear from Dr. Abdul Hakim Idris who narrated eye-witness accounts of those that are suffering; and even how refugees suffer in not knowing the whereabouts of any of their family members.

Yet, there is always hope and as Imam Abid and Sister Safya Khan-Ruf highlighted at the event, not only do we have the duty to help the oppressed – we also have the opportunity. By people highlighting and talking about these issues across all communities, we can make a difference. We can challenge companies based in China that are using forced Uyghur labour.

Please do talk about the issue, read up on their plight, arrange awareness campaigns in your local area, – we can be the voice of the people that have no voice.


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